Paul Hilliard

I'll treat you so many ways,you're bound to like one of them! 


Paul Hilliard is a powerful performer...or I might say "event!"  With his amazing original songs and dynamic delivery of them he transcends what you might think of as the standard stage to audience relationship.  And he certainly moves far,far beyond being background or Happy Hour wallpaper!  When he launches out on his journeys of exploration with voice and instrument, he really takes you places you want to go...and he doesn't charge an extra luggage fee!"

Rick Huff Executive VP Western Music Association 10/2012

"Paul Hilliard loves to perform, and he loves to write. His songs reveal a man contemplating the events of his life, transforming them into art, and playing with the words. From the word play of "How can I miss you if you won't go away", to the serious reflection of "Bloom", his songs invite the listener to join him in his journey through his performance and through life. His amazing skill on the guitar, his instrument for writing and performing, is a big part of his many years of success in entertaining both a large crowd or an intimate group of listeners. His songs, his performance, not to be missed!"

Dr Kathleen Hudson - Texas Heritage Music Foundation 08/2015

Paul Hilliard- "Fearless style, and dedication to your roots. A true professional, and showman"

David Mckelvain 06/2016 New Outlaw revival  

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